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BeElle Natural

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Laura’s story behind the products

My journey in natural products began when we were expecting our third child and trying to combat our second child’s skin conditions. After trying every lotion and cream out there, from the most expensive to even a dollar store brand, I knew there had to be a better way! After all, were we really made to rub man-made chemicals on our skin and expect "naturally beautiful skin"?? I am a firm believer that God gave us everything we could possibly need to live happy, healthy lives, from his Word to plants that we can extract wonderful oils from, to animals that provide us with what we need.

Of course, I couldn't expand on anything until I got some goats!! My husband loves me. I specifically chose the Nigerian Dwarf goat breed as they are bred to have their milk resemble the taste of cows milk, and we planned to drink it. Also, they have the highest butterfat content in their milk which is exceptional for skin. So along came our first goats, Spice and her two little daughters. Turns out, Spice was a little too spicy for us and our little kids if you know what I mean, so she went on her merry way and we now have several other goats that aren't quite so mean.

After making my first batch of lotion (actually it was about my 4th batch, it took me a while to find the perfect consistency and ingredients), I was finally ready to try it on our son’s baby skin. He had a horrible looking patch of skin about the size of an avocado that just would NOT go away. I put this goat milk lotion on it at bed time, rubbing it in until it was absorbed, and kissed him goodnight. The next morning, IT WAS GONE. Except for a little pink spot about the size of a quarter where the rash had been. I was amazed. And completely in love. If I hadn't experienced it first hand, I don't know if I would have believed it.

My natural skin care line has expanded from that point, and everything I make is first created for the need of a family member or friend. I hope you enjoy these products as much as we have.

BeElleNatural Dog Shampoo & Lip Balm

BeElle Natural pic 4 10.21.2018

BeElle Natural pic 2 10.21.2018

BeElle Natural JFH line pic

BeElle Natural 10.21.2018

Pottery Make Believe Farm logo

Pottery by Bob & Connie

Bob & Connie live here in Ephrata  🙂  They have a bee farm where they make raw honey and also home made pottery.... here's a few pieces:

Pottery Make Believe Farm mugs and dog dishes 2

Diana La Porte

Diana lives close by, in Soap Lake!  Diana has a passion for paper crafting and hopes to keep letter writing & card giving alive and well in this age of emails and eCards.  All of her cards are hand crafted by herself, from the folds, cuts & embellishments. Each card is a one of a kind, come take a look at her latest cards!

Diana LaPorte cards Blame it all on my roots

Diana LaPorte cards Love

Diana LaPorte cards Wine

Leslie Pugh Pottery

Leslie Pugh is a local potter that lives here in Ephrata with her husband and three children. She fell in love with clay her senior year of high school in art class and grew even more in love with creating with clay as she took ceramics classes in college while earning her degree in Art Education/Elementary Education. Following college, Leslie set aside pottery and ceramics for many years while raising three children (and because she did not have a way to fire pottery any longer without access to a kiln) and enjoyed other artistic outlets instead. But after many years, Leslie realized she still really missed working with clay and with her family’s support and help she found everything she needed to put together a small studio at home with a kiln, potter’s wheel, clay, and supplies. Today, it’s often a family affair with her daughters making pottery alongside her, and occasionally Leslie teaches pottery basics to small groups of children or adults. Leslie makes small batches of pottery (both wheel thrown and hand built) that are one of a kind creations. Her pottery is most often carved with designs inspired by nature as well as patterns she used to use in quilting. She posts photos of her creative process or work on Instagram @lesliepughpottery.


Leslie Pugh Pottery Bowl outside

Leslie Pugh Pottery store Display optimized

Leslie Pugh Pottery Bowl inside

Colton's Custom Creations

Colton is 13 years old, he's a handsome, respectful young man with some serious skills when it comes to woodworking!  Colton is also a cancer survivor who fell in love with woodworking when he was going through cancer treatments as a way to keep him busy.  Below is a sampling of his work:

Coltons Custom Creations Barn Birdhouse

Coltons Custom Creations Display 2

Coltons Custom Creations Farm House Birdhouse

Grandma's Hands

Melody likes all natural products, she started making soaps and lotions for friends and family who loved it so much they started telling their friends.... and from there Melody started her business.  Melody's grandson came up with the name when he told her that he loves EVERYTHING that Grandma makes with her hands.  So, Grandma's Hands was born!

Grandmas Hands products 2

Grandmas Hands Kid Soaps

Grandmas Hands Display

Steven Pfeifer

Steven lives right here in Ephrata!

Steven was written up in the Grant County Journal last September talking about his super-cool art! He’s made working guitars out of cigar boxes, acoustic & electric... and amplifiers to 😊. There is also paintings and folk art to check out, so head on down!

Steven Pfeifer pic1 10.21.2018

Steven Pfeifer pic3 10.21.2018

Steven Pfeifer pic4 10.21.2018

Knotty Pine Designs

Lynae lives in Ephrata with her husband and children.  Between being a wife & mother she finds time to make the CUTEST signs!  Below are just a couple of pictures, but Lynae has a talent I only wish I had... she does signs and home decor for all the seasons along with some super funny signs that you cannot help but giggle when you see them....

Oh.... and she also does wooden flowers that are spectacular....  you wouldn't even know they are not real flowers.... you have to see these in person to believe it!

Knotty Pine Designs Laundry Help Wanted 10.21.2018

Knotty Pine Designs Fall 9.10.2018

Knotty Pine Designs Fall 2 9.10.2018

Bev be Jammin'

Bev lives in Ephrata with her husband and makes the most delicious jams & jellies.   Sooooo many different kinds, from jalapeno jelly to champagne jelly!

Bev be Jammin pic4 10.21.2018

Bev be Jammin pic with Bev 10.21.2018

Bev be Jammin pic3 10.21.2018

Meadowlark Creations

Meadowlark Creations is the brainchild of Laura Trefry who lives in Moses Lake.  Laura has a bohemian flair and uses both new and re-purposed items to make her items.  She makes necklaces, earrings, wall art and some clothing!  If you have a little bohemian in you and like to have one-of-a-kind-items that no one else has... come in and check out Meadowlark Creations!

Meadowlark Creations Necklaces 2 9.10.2018

Meadowlark Creations 9.10.2018

Meadowlark Creations Necklaces 9.10.2018


Karyn grew up in Ephrata, returning after 25+ years away, to raise her family.  Finding herself suddenly owning a local bookstore was a happy circumstance for a lifelong reader!  A couple of years into the book business, she found herself inundated with multiples of many books.  So she began to decorate.  Her preferred media is upcycled:  book pages on bottles and jars, wood and tiles that have been discarded from one project or another.

Proseology Pic 10.21.2018

Proseology Pic 5 10.21.2018

Proseology Pic 4 10.21.2018

Dream Tweet

Brittney lives in Ephrata and makes the warmest & softest hats and scarves for women and men!
Brittany has hats that you can wear a messy-bun or pony-tail, super-cool Pom-poms & headbands ... be stylish & warm and support local artists!

Dream Tweet Headband 10.21.2018

Dream Tweet ALL 10.21.2018

Dream Tweet MESSY BUN hat 10.21.2018

Alice Zufall

Local artist from Soap Lake, Alice Zufall! Alice does some cool bird feeders and clocks with wooden designs.... come check it out!

Alice Zufall glass birdfeeder 9.10.2018

Alice Zufall 9.10.2018

Alice Zufall desk clock 9.10.2018

Ona Whim Arts

Pat Whitmas lives in Soap Lake and designs these stemless wineglasses and a few pieces of home decor... if you want to have a one-of-a-kind, handmade glass while you are sipping your wine, come check out Ona Whim Arts!

Ona Whim Arts Pat Whitmus 10.21.2018

Ona Whim Arts Pat Whitmus 9.10.2018

Ona Whim Arts Pat Whitmus pic 3 10.21.2018

Our Next Local Artist!

We are always looking for local artists that want to have their products in our store.  If you live close and make products that would fit the genre of our store, give us a call and let's chat about it!



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